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CNBM International Corporation has many years of professional experience in PE plastic product business. We are the biggest supplier in China offering series of PE knitting net, PE extruded net, PE woven cloth, PE film products. Every year, CNBM International exports more than 5000 Tons PE net, PE woven cloth, PE film products to the global market, including Europe, America, Southeast Asia, and Middle East countries.

Our PE Net products, including all kinds of sunshade net, olive net, anti-insect net, anti-bird net, wind-proof net, plant support net, scaffolding net, warning fence net, and our PE woven cloth products, PE film products, are widely used in agriculture, horticulture, construction, packaging areas and etc .

CNBM also supply PE raw materials in China domestic market, to PE net factories, PE woven cloth factory and WPC (wood plastic composite) factories. We distribute PE raw materials from SINOPEC, HONAM, FORMOSA.

We are ready and willing to establish long term business cooperation with partners all over the world on the basis of mutual trust, benefit and development.

  • Anti Hail Net
  • Irrigation Drip Tape
  • Seeding Tray
  • Artificial Plant
  • Artificial Flower
  • Artificial Ball
  • Artificial Fence
  • Wood-Plastic-Composite Decking
  • Scaffolding Net
  • Sunshade Net
  • Fence Net
  • PE Tarpaulin