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CNBM Ductile Iron Castings Sector is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality ductile iron pipe, pipe fittings and manhole covers in China.

Ductile iron pipe is generally acknowledged as the best choice for conveying portable/sewage water under pressure. It has many fine features in terms of wall thickness, tensile strength, elongation, anticorrosion, service life, installation and so on comparing with traditional pipeline products. In 1922, cement mortar lining was firstly used to protect the interior wall of pipes and greatly improved the quality of water. The first ductile iron pipe was experimentally developed in 1948. Since 1958, Zinc coating and bitumen painting have been using successfully to prevent the corrosion of water mains.

CNBM mainly supply DN80~DN2200mm, K7/K8/K9/K10/K12, Tyton joint, Mechanical joint, Flanged joint, Self-restrained joint ductile cast iron pipe and fittings. We meet or exceed industry standards such as ISO2531/EN545/EN598 and our manufacture have been certified with ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System Certification. Stringent measures of quality control are applied through all the process of manufacturing, from raw materials to finished products.

CNBM always dedicate to satisfying the needs of our customers by manufacturing the finest quality products and providing industry leading service in our easy accesses and one-stop sales. Pipe accessories such as gasket, bolts, nuts, washers, caps, lubricant and related products such as manhole covers, valves, pumps and water meters can also be supplied.

  • Ductile Iron Pipe
  • Ductile Iron Pipe