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We focus on efficient and easy-handling machines which help factories dealing with big jumbo rolls and large sheet materials, such as adhesive tape, paper, label, film and foil.

If you are a manufacture or converter of adhesive tapes, surely you will need some machines to change big jumbos or logs into finished cut rolls. And we supply machines for you to cut, rewind, and slit. For example, how to get cut rolls of 48mm x 66m from a big jumbo roll of 1280mm x 4000m. Please try our slitter-rewinder which can finish rewinding and cutting by only one step.

You may ask: How to get paper tubes at suitable size for finished OPP rolls. We have series of machines assisting slitter- rewinder to finish the whole converting process easily. First comes paper core cutter, which helps you cut long paper tube into suitable width to match the cut rolls. You can easily adjust the knives on this machine to get different sizes paper tubes.

Now a new question comes out: How to fix paper tube on machine shaft quickly. Paper core loader can do it! It unloads the finished rolls from the shaft and loads the paper cores on it at the same time.

Many customers also have the same questions: How to reduce wasted finished OPP rolls. Try our small rewinder which works as a doctor. Bad-looking rolls can be tidy by being rewound again. Inferior rolls become good ones.

Besides machines for tape, we also have cutters to convert office paper, protective film, foil piece for your daily use; and rewinder machines to rewind big rolls (aluminum foil, protective film, various papers etc.) into log rolls;

Die-cut machines for shaping labels into kiss-cut pieces; and accessory machines working as brothers to assist converting work efficiently.

We are also pleased to provide special machine according to your special needs. We and our technicians are glad to work with you to offer you best solution of converting.

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