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Real green decoration    Date: 2010-01-20

Safe, healthy, comfortable and economy -- Real green decoration
Green decoration, as a new consumption concept is accepted by more and more consumers. How to define the real meaning of "green decoration"? What kind of products can be named Green? How to identify them? An accurate answer to these problems will be especially concerned with consumers. People expect the green indoor environment, then, what is the real meaning of green indoor environment?
The definition of green decoration
Green decoration is people-oriented, based on environmental protection and ecological balance to pursue the high quality survival and living space activities. To ensure the decorated living space has not been polluted, the pollution here refers to the air pollution, light pollution, noise pollution and visual pollution, water pollution and emission pollution, etc. In short, the green decoration should meet the following standards: environmental-protective, healthy, comfortable and beautiful.

According to the meaning of green consumption, green indoor environment mainly refers to the sustainable, non-pollution, benefits to the consumer health. In the process of construction, design and decoration, not only to satisfy consumer's aesthetic demand but also to meet consumers' health and safety requirements.
First, in the design of concise and practical, as to choose energy-efficient materials, especially notice indoor environmental factors, reasonable collocation adornment material, full consideration of interior space capacity and ventilation, improve air quality.
Secondly, try to choose non-toxic, non-polluting, less pollution craftwork, reduce the pollution and destruction from construction noise, dust, waste gas and waste water in the construction process, and attach importance to the garbage disposal.
Thirdly, as for the choice of decorating materials, select the environmental safety materials strictly, choose the formaldehyde-free glue, benzene-free thinners, benzene-free gypsum board, formaldehyde-free lumber core and laminated board, etc, in order to guarantee the improved air quality after decorating. Try to choose the materials with high capacity utilization rate, such as the composite materials instead of wood; choose recyclable materials, such as glass, wrought iron piece, aluminous gusset plate, etc; choose the composite materials with low resources consumption, such as plastic pipes, density board, etc.
Green decoration is a complete process, including the design, green decorative materials utilization, green environmental protective construction.
The main principle of green decoration
1. The principle of Safety firstly
For now, the most three popular international standards for home design, called three concepts: S (safety), H (health) and C (comfort). But in China, we used to measure by architectural design standards which are safety, practicality, economy, and beauty. Today, the Chinese standards began to integrate with international standards, also combined with China's actual conditions, the design that installs follow the principle of safety, health, comfort and economy.
The sequences of the four items express the importance in some ways. Therefore, safety is the basic and most important principle.
2. The principle of Health
In recent years, health attracts more and more attention. Therefore, healthy problems in construction and interior decoration also play a very important role. At present some corresponding measures and activities has been adopted in China, the concept of "healthy residence” has been proposed. So-called "healthy residence" means to make a natural living environment for health, produce less harmful pollution to health, also can meet the special requirement of special crowd (disabled, old man, etc.).
To ensure the health of outfit, the followings are normally been considered:
(1) To protect the good natural conditions.
(2) To establish the good living household environment.
(3) To prevent the indoor environmental pollution.
3. The principle of Comfort
People on the purpose of home outfit is to make home more comfortable. What kind of household environment can make the family members feel comfortable? Mainly depends on whether it can satisfy people's material and spirit needs. The material need is on the function requirements for life, can provide a comfortable environment to human feeling. The spirit need is to create the atmosphere can fit for the family life and the certain aesthetic value of household, and create more emotional value by associative imagination.
4. The principle of Economy
Household decoration consumes huge social wealth. According to incompletely statistics, only in developed areas of China, the household decoration cost takes thirty billion per year, as to each family, the household decoration cost from tens of thousands to millions of Chinese RMB, these cost may be his whole life savings. Therefore, household decoration has very close connection to economy. Although people's living standards have greatly improved, economy is still one of the important principles in our socialist construction.