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Low carbon economy    Date: 2010-01-22

Low carbon economy being a state direction for the future economic development
As the climate conference held in Copenhagen, every country pays more attention to the ecological environment protection issues. In reply to this year for a low-carbon economy ecology, the yellow triangle efficient economic development planning and the ecological planning of ecological economic zone of poyang lake. In addition, the main area development planning of all environmental protection and energy saving and emission reduction put into an important position.
Usually, low-carbon economy and ecological economic development will become the future direction of the economy which is the proper choice and right attitude facing the global economic development situation.
Jiangxi government has promulgated by the green path - jiangxi rising low carbon outline of economic and social development in China is called a low-carbon economy white paper, althought white paper take no actions at present, but with the all-round development of the eco-economic region poyang lake, the ecological economy and economic development of low carbon affect not only limited to the province and will affect its neighboring provinces and the regional economic development.
According to the Twelfth Five-Year Plan, jiangxi also releasing some further economic development planning of low carbon. As the low carbon development of economy, jiangxi province in the forefront of China, there is no doubt make a demonstration effect for the development of other provinces, at the same time, regional overall development plan will gradually influence in the industry layout of other provinces, low carbon around our life, from the slogan put forward into the economic development.
It is important to build up ecological and low carbon economic idea, from every aspect to implement, low carbon life, not far away.