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CNBM International join 2011 Global Coking Coal Summit    Date: 2011-03-30

The 2011 Global Coking Coal Resource and Market Summit was held in Taiyuan China by China Coal Resource (CCR). Delegates from fund, investment bank, securities, coking coal producers, steel makers and coal logistics, including CNBM International, have participated in the summit.


China's coking coal imports maintained fast growth in 2010. Annual imports of 42.27 million tons made China to be the fastest and one of the largest coking coal importers in the world. In 2011, the growth momentum of China's coking coal demand will stay strong. However, facing rapid return of global coking coal demand and the reduction of coal production from Australia, the world's largest importer of coal mines, can China still receive adequate supply of imports? If the world's coking coal production can meet the demand? Therefore, will the price of coking coal rise quite substantially, or even a crisis? For these industry concerns, the representatives of CNBM International made in-depth discussion with industrial experts on the forum.