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CNBM Group Named to Fortune Global 500 for the Fourth Successive Time, Ranking the 267th    Date: 2014-07-15

On July 7th, the US Fortune magazinepublishedthe 2014 Ranking List of World Top 500 Enterprises. China National Building Materials Group Corporation (CNBMGroup in short) enters into the Fortune Global 500 for the fourthsuccessive time withits operating revenue of 41.03 billion USD,  ranking the 267th place, and rising 52 places over last year. Amongst the three building materials enterprises listed in the Fortune Global 500, CNBM ranks the second with  promising momentum.

The rapid development of CNBM Group derives from the market-oriented reform of diversified ownership and a series of innovative actions carrying forward the industrial reorganization. Thanks to the exploration into  the marketization mode of SOK enterprises (state-owned keyenterprises), CNBM Group reorganized almost a thousand enterprises with limited government capital and hence reactivated a greater amount of social capital, which exerted a positive influenceon building material industrial transformation and achieved a win-win situation between China’s national assets appreciation and enterprises development. Now CNBM Group has become a remarkable example in SOK enterprises’ diversified ownership reformation.

To give a full play in China’s economic growth, CNBM Group carried out highly effective works including the innovation, integration, reformation and marketing in its business operation from the year of 2014. Economic indicators of the first half of the year have seen a stable and promising momentum.

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